What did DeSantis do? Exactly what white supremacists do whenever they want to claim their Racist practices aren’t just that: they quote part of the only MLK speech they want the world to think exists.

What is actually at stake? Abortion? Contraception? A woman’s right to choose? Is this a precursor to the dissolution of more rights women enjoy today?

It can be stated unequivocally the DOJ continues to run in the opposite direction from its historical trend today. We are now entering the rabbit hole.

It only takes one Black person they have determined to be an acceptable voice to agree, and justification is secured.

Why do most white people in the Entertainment industry think they “must” create and maintain a level of animus for the Black “character” using Race as Character while pretending equal opportunity?

Neutral and Neutrality are both terms meant to express non-partiality and non-specificity.

Black descendants of the Enslavement; those colorful embellishments in the bowl I will call the black olives, and known now as part of an encapsulated people of color.

Egypt or its other name, Kemet and Khemet, whose literal meaning is “Black land,” with its kings and queens in antiquity, have come to mean the epitome of Blackness and supreme birthright among Africa’s formerly enslaved American descendants.

Dr. Cynthia Alease Smith

Anti-Racism Essayist & Educator offering discussions about Race, Racism, White Supremacy and the language used, from perspectives not ordinarily considered

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