It is also typical for someone bigoted, entitled and supremacist who, after getting his or her internal biases brought to the surface, to immediately attack: (1) the education, (2) credentials, and (3) emotional state of the Black woman who brought those personal, inherent insecurities of that person forward, relegating him or her to adolescent projection, obfuscation and a touch of gaslighting.

Of course, in addition to these real attacks, not the imaginary one which is supposed to be the rationale and justification for the real ones stated in this comment, there must ALWAYS be the ever present allusion as to some perceived "black" privilege that preceded the Black woman's education and credentials. Again, projection.

Nevertheless, thank you for your comment. You might also want to read and comment on my essays entitled, "For White People Who Don't Know Who is Really in Charge (Or Who Think They Are)," and "Racism: Evolution, Iteration and Revision."

I am confident you will lose your mind with comments over these two.

Anti-Racism Essayist & Educator offering discussions about Race, Racism, White Supremacy and the language used, from perspectives not ordinarily considered

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