The issue isn't in the number. The issue is in the context. If you understand Racism you would realize it is a system designed to sustain the notion of white supremacy created all those generations ago. The wealthy gentry still needs to give you the illusion of your superiority don't they? They certainly can't keep subjugating you economically and give you nothing to blame it on.

The fact that you would be triggered and center yourself in that imaginary "number" of white people somewhere in this country who really "like Black people," as though that actually mattered in the scheme of things, and use such a defensive posture indicates that you have some internalized issues with regard to prejudice and bias in your own belief system. Therefore, you need to work to remove those biases and your fallacious justification of your superiority in order to engage in meaningful discussions around Race, Racism and White Supremacy.

The only thing incendiary about my essay is your triggered mind, since you are probably still at the point in your maturity where you can't have a meaningful discussion on these issues without internalizing and feeling put upon.

Your question, "if the average white person doesn't hate Black people why does Racism persist," is actually a question for white people to ask themselves.

So, if that is the question, why do YOU think Racism persists?

My guess is, since you do not know what Racism really is, you won't be able to adequately answer that question.

I can help, though. I have an essay on Racism on my list os essays on this forum.

Here are two presentations for you:

The Paradox of Race


What is Racism

I really look forward to your comments on these two presentations. Try to keep some ice nearby to cool off.

Anti-Racism Essayist & Educator offering discussions about Race, Racism, White Supremacy and the language used, from perspectives not ordinarily considered

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