Unveiling the Threats — The Supreme Court, Metastasized Supremacism, and Saying it Out Loud

Dr. Cynthia Alease Smith
3 min readMay 3, 2022

We knew for months that the Supreme Court as constituted in 2022 was poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, the judicial ruling that essentially gave agency to women to control whether they gave birth. Now, in an unprecedented leak from directly inside of the halls of the Supreme Court, a preliminary decision confirms what we knew and indeed, although known, the shock waves are nevertheless reverberating all over the country. But of course, as those who read my essays know, this essay is not just about Roe v. Wade or women’s rights. This essay is also about what no one, and I mean no one will say out loud — not the Media, not the pundits, not the politicians, and not people at the water coolers, hallways or desks surrounded by cubicles in corporate America.

Will this country repeat this latest attempt at deconstructing Reconstruction?

Roe v. Wade was undoubtedly the grapes on the vine and not the apples high on branches. This is not to say a woman’s right to abortion wasn’t as consistently attacked as rights for Black people in recent history. There is only the timing; 49 years of threat is considerably shorter than 145 years. Both, however, are nonetheless in real jeopardy, but Roe v. Wade is what they are willing and able to say out loud.

Yet, through the deafening sounds of outrage over the leak at the Supreme Court, there is that familiar, raucous silence permeating the air. Of all the other rights that are mentioned being at risk, there is absolutely no specific mention of the rights of Black people in this country, even as these have been consistently threatened since the Enslavement ended.

Here is what I am hearing:

“This is only the beginning… Next they will be going after contraception… This is a potential danger for the rights of all Americans… It won’t stop here…” Where will they go next, LGBTQ rights, other rights…”

These among other things which sound the Nation’s alarm and rightly so, indicate the Supreme Court is now captured by the same ideology which informed Adolf Hitler in his treatment of Jewish people and the other in Europe back in the 1930s. Think not? All you have to do is listen and read what is being said and written by people…



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